Budget Brewing Series: American Bitter

An affordable and easy to brew American take on Britain's Best Bitter


American Bitter Ingredients

The first recipe in the budget brewing series is about as cheap and easy to brew as it gets. This take on a tradiitonal bitter will make a great all day drinking beer with a citrusy hop twist. Bitters are arguably the definitive British beer style, light but flavorful without being overpowering like many IPAs. This recipe uses Columbus and Cascade hops to make an all American version of the British classic. Key metrics: OG=1.042; FG=1.011; ABV=4.13%; IBU=38; SRM=8.2. Based on our buying in bulk guide this beer costs $20.45 to produce a 5 gallon batch.

American Bitter 5 Gallon Extract Recipe

6 lbs Sparkling Amber LME (cost = $15)
1 oz Columbus Hops @ 15% AA (cost = $1.56)
0.5 oz Cascade Hops @ 6% AA (cost = $0.78)
1 Package Safeale US-05 Yeast (cost = $3)
1 Whirlfloc Tablet (cost = $0.11)

1. 60 Minute Boil LME and Columbus Hops

2. 15 Minute Boil Cascade Hops and Whirlfloc Tablet

3. After boil transfer to primary fermenter and pitch yeast

4. Transfer to secondary fermenter after 1 week primary fermentation

5. Keg or bottle after 1 week secondary feremntation